Youth For Fish


To create a platform for youth empowerment and development and contribute towards sustainable food security and poverty reduction through integrated agriculture aquaculture systems.


  • To increase/improve participation of the youth in sustainable fisheries management and integrated agriculture-aquaculture programs.
  • To serve as a continental platform through which young professionals can express their ideas and realize their full potential towards a dynamic IAA system for development.

Specific Objectives

  • Training the youth in integrated agriculture aquaculture systems and farm management
  • Training youth in proposal development and project management
  • Equip the youth with agri-business and organisation skills in order to sustain fish-crop or fish-animal farming as a business
  • Equip the youth with start up capital to start integrated agriculture-aquaculture fish farming.
  • Equip youth with web 2.0 skills

Activities of YFFP

  • Maintaining dialogue among youths using e media (email and social networks)
  • Organizing youth conferences on fish and agriculture research and development
  • Carrying out role model activities
  • Carry out joint fisheries related projects
  • Provides or creates multiple hands-on, on-the-water (research) learning opportunities
  • Training of rural youth as community trainers in IAA and fisheries management.

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