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  • The African Fisheries Expert Network (Afri-Fishnet) is network of fisheries experts in Africa who are there to provide knowledge support and evidence-based policy recommendations to policy makers.
  • It is a continental think-tank which uses the NEPAD/CAADP platform to influence policy reform in various African countries.
  • In this context the Network’s activities are, but not limited to, providing evidence-based case studies for responsive reforms in fisheries governance, trade and aquaculture in order to ensure sustainable contribution of fisheries towards 6% annual growth in the agricultural sector as well as to generate wealth and economic growth.
  • Backed by the constitution, the Network constitutes an expert pool drawn from Universities, tertiary institutions, industry and other allied institutions which allow for capacity-building and mentoring among African fisheries and aquaculture practitioners.


Individual Members
  • Access to latest Newsletters available to members via the website.
  • Members are added to a database of service providers for referrals.
  • Members shall enjoy subsidized rates and/or scholarships to Afri-Fishnet’s international biennial conferences.
  • Individual members shall form part of fisheries expert pool which shall be involved in CAADP country review teams from time to time and the members shall have equal opportunities of selection.
  • Members shall have a free access to wide range of information pool and shall be entitled to receiving updates through Afri-Fishnet’s quarterly newsletters and technical reports.
  • Individual members shall enjoy subsidized rates and/or full or partial scholarships to short courses organized by the Network and other bodies as a means of capacity building.
  • Individual members shall have an equal opportunity of being hired as consultants to conduct different country case studies and reviews which shall chapter inputs into NEPAD’s Comprehensive African Fisheries Reform Strategy (CAFRS).
  • Through collaborative research and networking the network will provide opportunity for knowledge advancement and innovation
  • The network will enhance the ability of the members to publish their results locally and internationally
  • The Network will also provide opportunity for members to access to research grants.
Organization/ institutions/ Corporate Members
  • Discount on Advertising fees on the Afri-Fishnet Website.
  • Discount on Advertising fees on the Newsletter, which are distributed to a wide range of partners, individuals, and institutions hence a good tool for marketing.
  • Shall have a free access to wide range of information pool on website and shall be entitled to receiving updates through Afri-Fishnet’s quarterly newsletters and technical reports.
  • The Network will provide the Universities and other tertiary institution a forum for knowledge advancement which will translate into quality teaching staff and programs in aquaculture and fisheries science.
  • Institutions/ organizations and/or corporate members will have an equal opportunity for being hired as consultants to build up case studies and engaged in CAADP country reviews.
  • Selected members of the corporate/ institutions or organization shall enjoy subsidized rates and/or full or partial scholarships to short courses organized by the Network and other bodies as a means of capacity building .
  • The network will link the institutions to funding Agencies and hence the institutions will benefit from the fees the agencies will provide as scholarships to various trainings.
  • The Network will be an incubator for innovations and will enhance visibility of universities and other tertiary institutions, organizations and corporates.
  • By allowing members of staff access research funding, the overall rating of Universities will improve.
  • The Network will be a vehicle through which policy makers will be able to undertake evidence-based policy reviews.
  • The Network will provide a forum for policy debate with scientists.


Membership to AFRI-FISHNET shall be open to any person or groups of persons, universities or other tertiary or research institutions as well as the fisheries industry without discrimination based on race, color, tribe, nationality, sex, religion or political affiliation, provided that such a person shall meet the following.

  • She/he has to accept the objectives of AFRI-FISHNET;
  • She/he is registered member and has paid membership fees;
  • Her/his activities are not in any way detrimental to the objectives of AFRI-FISHNET.

A person wishing to become a member of AFRI-FISHNET shall put forward an application for membership in writing, with the relevant documents attached, to the office of the Network Coordinator of AFRI-FISHNET.

Membership Categories
  • Fish Famers/ Fishermen are those individuals who produce fish of capture fish from the wild (membership fee = 50 US$/year).
  • Student members include all students with a valid registration to a tertiary educational institution (student no. to be provided) (Membership fee 20 US$/year).
  • Individual members, are all individuals who are neither students nor famers but are interested in being members of Afri-Fishnet (Membership fee 50 US$/year).
  • Corporate membership is for all bona fide companies and will allow for these companies to log 5 employees of such companies as links to which Afri-Fishnet will circulate information, materials and for various discounts. For very small and emergent companies, individual membership will be more beneficial (Membership fee 500 US$/ Year).
  • Institutional membership is for institutions such as Universities, Government Departments, nongovernmental organisations etc. and also allows for the logging of 5 people within the institution to Afri-fishnet for information, materials and discounts. (Membership fee 500 US$/Year).

Account Details

Membership fees have to be paid in cash or be sent to the below account details. Upon payment, the member will be provided with a receipt and their membership will be activated.

Account type; Current Account Corporate
Account Number; 000100018587
Bank Name; National Bank of Malawi
Swift Code; NBMAMWMW008

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