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The African Ministerial interest to address the African Policy on a more effective governance and trade has led to the creation of a Pan –Africa program ; the Partnership for African Fisheries (PAF). The PAF has been spearheaded by the NEAPAD Agency to support the achievement of AU, NEPAD and Regional Economic Committees (RECs) objectives as set out in the comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) implementation Readings “Safeguarding the future of Africa’s sector towards poverty alleviation and regional economic development”.

African Fisheries Expert Network (Afri-Fishnet) is the network of fisheries experts in Africa. The network cuts across all disciplines including Aquaculture and Fisheries, both inland and marine sectors. The Network positions itself as a core resource for NEPAD and therefore provides linkages to other Networks that relate to Fisheries and Aquaculture sectors.

Mission (Goal)

To promote collaboration and newworking for knowledge generation, management and sharing among researchers and other stakeholders for enhaced aquatic biodiversity, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture production, food supplies, market and trade options and economic potential in Africa. the current time-frame for CAADP development objectives is for 6% Agricultural Sector growth by 2020, and it is intended that Afri-Fishnet would support an equivalent target for the fisheries sector.


The Vision for Afri-Fishnet is that accross the comtinent, African researchers and educators share and work with community, business and policy partners to unlock the wealth from the African waters and safeguard it for future generations.

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